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Creating a New Way to Learn


Greyland Games’ story began in 2021 with our founder Katerina. Immigrant and an English language teacher recognized the limitations of traditional vocational language learning methods. Since that day we have been on a mission to revolutionize the industry.

We have traveled far, both physically and metaphorically, on this journey. From the moment when Katerina met her business partner and co-founder while taking a Finnish language course in Finland, to our participation in the Red Brick Accelerator program.

The program offered us support and resources. It helped us to validate and narrow our innovative language-learning game concept. We went on to specialize in vocational language learning through job simulation, setting us apart from other language-learning apps. 

Now, with a second prototype of our vocational language learning game in the works our focus is on fine-tuning our product to acquire pre-seed funding. We are determined to make this vision a reality as we strive to transform language learning for immigrants and language learners in Finland.

Our Guide


Our mission is to make language learning fun and accessible for people of all backgrounds. We help immigrants, job-seekers and students to learn a vocational language in their new country to succeed and thrive. We do this with offering a unique approach to professional language learning by combining role-playing simulation with the proven effectiveness of game-based learning, making it easier to learn a new language in a foreign country. Through our creation of realistic virtual simulations, we aim to make the industry specific language learning engaging and effective. Driven by our passion to foster a more inclusive and diverse world where language is no longer a barrier for acquiring a brighter future in a foreign country.

Our vision is to be a leading company in vocational language learning for immigrants and students. We aim to grow our reach from Finland to the Nordics, eventually to the EU and rest of the world. We strive to make our users feel a sense of personal development and progress while providing them with a fun and effective environment to learn a specific industry related language. Together, we will break down communication barriers and help people connect with the world in new and meaningful ways.​

Our purpose is to build a bridge to a brighter future for immigrants and students. We are looking to solve the problem of integration in a foreign country from language perspective. We understand the challenges of starting over in a foreign country from our own experience. That is why we are dedicated to making the transition easier, one language and skill at a time, so that everyone has the chance to chase their dreams. We believe that by providing a bridge, we can make a real difference in the lives of immigrants and students.​

Our values are at the core of everything we do. Our team consists mostly of immigrants, which is why we understand the struggles and challenges that come with starting a new life in a foreign country. Hence we look to create a culture of empathy, inclusivity, and understanding. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed, regardless of their background. Our values guide our decision-making, and we are committed to empower and uplift our diverse community. We foster an environment of mutual respect and support as we strive to make a positive impact in the world and help bridge the gap between cultures.​

Meet Our Team


Our team has been steadily growing since 2021. We are a happy bunch of people from different backgrounds and aspirations. A few of us are working to grow Greyland Games full-time, while some are here to do internships or expand their portfolios. Nevertheless, we value the agile approach to working and hierarchy is minimal. We encourage everyone to voice their concerns and foster an equal work environment. Diversity is built into our DNA. 



Katerina Crawford headshot, smiling, orange background

Katerina Crawford

Founder & CEO

Fari Fagregas

Fari Fàbregas

Founder & COO

Kalle Viljakainen

A Branding Guy.

Iulia Alexandru

Game Artist



Greytown residents are all the wonderful people who have helped us as interns or based on shared values & mission to make a difference.

Sardorbek Mukhudinov

"I'm a youngling coder from Uzbekistan, who likes games and will make games! I believe you'll find ME dashing!"
Programming Intern.

Joel Visakorpi

"19-year-old web and game developer from Finland with a passion for innovation and quality."
Programming Intern.

Matias Jääskö

"Junior dev hoping to improve in software and game development."
Programming Intern.

Emmi Rukkila

"Tampere-based designer, who sees the potential of gamification in education."
Game design

Tapio Ylihonkaluoma

Programming intern.

Christian Peräkivi

Programming intern & voice.

Bianca Jalonen

Graphic design & voice

Nadia Kuisma

Service design.

Julia Nieminen

Language expert & voice.

Bohdan Koreniev

Language expert.

Yusuf Enes Doğanay

"A tech-focused student, who blends technical expertise with a light-hearted approach."
Programming Intern.

Frio Divnogorskaya

Language expert.

Maria Merzaieva

Testing & QA.

Henri Harju


As a language teacher, a language learner, an integrating immigrant, and a job seeker, I found myself in need of a lot of things. I created Greyland Games to be able to help others with their language, their job, and their future abroad.

I’ve learned languages working, I’ve learned languages talking and I’ve learned languages playing; in Greyland Games I help create what I could’ve used in every new country I moved to. Languages and integration, never-ending challenges, are always in my mind.

I have been an entrepreneur for the past 6 years. Finally acquired my BBA in 2022, during my studies I realized how big of a barrier language can be. Fortunate enough to have the opportunity to help Greyland Games and make society more accessible.

An IT engineer that is somehow creative enough to be a game artist.